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Shipsurance Trust Badges

Please follow the following steps to place the Shipsurance trust image on your website or auction listing.

  1. Copy The Button To You Computer
    (PC users): Right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture/Image As".
    (Mac users): Click and hold down over the image and choose "Save This Image As".
    Save the image to your computer.

    Insured by Shipsurance

  2. Store The Button
    If this image will reside on your website, you will most likely need to upload the image to your internet service provider so it can appear on your website. If you are adding this image to an auction listing, you will need to upload it to an image hosting provider. Be sure to change the image source (img src) path in Step #3 to match the location of the image.

  3. Copy The HTML
    Copy the HTML in the box below and paste it in the HTML of your website or auction listing.

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